What Is Dog Bless You?

The Origin Story

Dog Bless You begins with the story of a Golden Retriever, Lucky, who was found at a dog shelter and ended up in the White House. 

Lucky might be the most philanthropic dog ever to exist.  With his best friend and owner, Charlie, Lucky traveled across the United States. Charlie was hosting the documentary show Explore.org with the mission to champion the selfless acts of others, inspire lifelong learning, and create a portal into the soul of humanity. 

Together they traveled the United States and touched the lives of myriads of people. From the elderly to youth, veterans to coal miners, blues singers to Native American Indians, Detroit artisans to people with disabilities, the documented journey of Lucky and Charlie celebrates the vibrant tapestry of our country. 

Please watch our films here or browse our photo galleries. 

Whereas Charlie was hosting Explore.org, Lucky began his own Facebook page, which grew over time to 10,000,000 fans.  

The mission of Dog Bless You mirrored Explore.org’s with one difference—it championed the selfless act of service dogs in improving the human condition. 

Dog Bless You today is a leading provider of service dogs to various fields. We work with top organizations that specialize in pairing dogs with veterans who have PTSD, children with disabilities, seeing eye dogs, search and rescue dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, dogs that sniff the ivory trade in Africa, and comfort dogs.  

All our live Dog Bless You cams on Explore showcase dogs that will become future service animals. And yes, while some dogs are rescued, other dogs are trained in prisons, and some by veterans; it simply depends on the level of training. 

The community of Dog Bless You is like no other on the internet.  Beautiful, pure souls who understand the special role their pets play in their life. 

To celebrate this, we have a fun photo contest throughout the year to celebrate our dogs.  There are too many to list here. 

Lastly, almost anytime a natural disaster strikes, Dog Bless You not only tries to assist in sending search and rescue dogs, but we run marching grant campaigns that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Lucky has since passed, and I’ve been reluctant to share our journey, let alone merchandise it.  In fact, I’m even nervous to write this.   

Dog Bless You is for all dog lovers who know their animals are the Guardian Angels of our soul.   

Dogs represent unconditional love, selflessness, and forgiveness which is the heartbeat of all religions; hence the name Dog Bless You.

Humbly yours,

Charlie - faithful servant to Lucky and all animals 

Purity is Explore.org’s currency. 

Dog Bless You

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